Our History

We have a long history to look back on as we prepare to open our second school in Manhattan on the Upper East Side. Our director Roberta Senn opened the Great Neck School of Dance in 1981 and has run a high quality dance school and training facility for 33 years.

In 1991 she created the American Ballet Russe, our resident ballet company. Throughout the years we have trained many professional dancers who have joined some of the world’s leading ballet companies and two generations of students who have enjoyed all the benefits of dance training: poise, concentration, discipline, coordination, flexibility etc.

Currently our student Ashley Hod has joined the New York City Ballet and our student Isabella deVivo, the San Francisco Ballet. We also trained Olympic Gold Medalist Sarah Hughes for 11 years. And Olympian Emily Hughes for 8 years. We are currently training the junior Ballroom Dance Champion of the world, Anna Kaczmarski.

We are especially known for our full-length ballet performances, staged by our resident choreographer and associate director Osamu Uehara. Children from the school dance alongside professionals from the American Ballet Russe in fully staged theatrical productions with costumes and scenery.

Throughout the years we have performed every famous classical ballet including Giselle, La Bayadère, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Raymonda, and many many more. Roberta intends to bring her experience and expertise to a second location in Manhattan where she will continue to emphasize classical ballet training and include theater dance, jazz, street jazz, tap etc. This school will also have a strong emphasis on ballet fitness as an effective and viable barre and stretch workout for the body.