Dress Code

Ballet Dress Codes:

Girls: THE SCHOOL LEOTARD IS REQUIRED because all fine ballet schools have a uniform. The school leotard may be purchased at the Ballet & Body. We also have a full line of tights, ballet slippers, skirts, leg warmers and bun covers. Leotard (solid pink) worn over pink footed tights, pink ballet slippers with elastics sewn and drawstrings
hidden. Hair must be tidy and neat in a bun, if hair is short a head band must be worn to keep hair away from face and eyes. Skirts, leg warmers and sweaters are optional.

Boys: White T-shirt with black tights worn over (younger boys may wear black bicycle shorts), white ballet or black ballet slippers with elastics sewn and drawstrings hidden, thin socks matching shoes are required if tights are not footed. Leg warmers and warm ups are optional.

Adults may wear comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion, and ballet slippers or socks or grippy socks. However, the more form fitting the clothing (such as leotard/t-shirt and tights), the more the teacher is able to make constructive corrections. Hair should be neat and tidy. Long hair should be secured to the head i.e., bun or French twist.

Level Leotard Color
Mommy & Me, Pre-Ballet I, Pre-Ballet II Pink
Ballet I (6-7 yrs) Baby Blue
Ballet II (8-10 yrs) Mint
Ballet III (10-14 yrs) Lavender
Teens (15-18 yrs) Black

Street Jazz
Students may wear their ballet uniform and/or comfortable T-shirt, Dance Pants, Sweat pants.
Students may wear dance sneakers, jazz shoes or a pair of athletic shoes purchased exclusively for dance classes. No Street shoes are permitted in the studio.

Ballet Uniform (skirt, dance shorts or dance pants optional) or comfortable clothing that does not obscure the feet.