Ballet Body™ Barre by Roberta Senn

(Barre and Stretch – A Ballet Workout for Non-Dancers)

Every woman wishes she were a ballet dancer, or at least would like to look like one, because ballet dancers have the best bodies on the planet.

Now with Ballet Body™ Barre, you can work toward having the body of a ballerina – elegant posture and long, tight, strong, toned muscles with no bulk.

And you will work alongside a ballerina, doing her traditional workout
with her (!) to get these results, and look more elegant and beautiful.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a dancer to do this class!




At Ballet & Body, a dance and fitness studio on New York City’s upper east side, you’ll work towards achieving the strength, flexibility, and elongated muscles of a ballerina by doing Ballet Body™ Barre, a class for non dancers set to classical and Broadway music.

You will start class with 30 min. of ballet and yoga stretches to prepare you for barre work. Next you will experience 45 min. Of REAL ballet barre, with muscle lengthening, toning, and strengthening exercises that ballerinas have done for over 350 years.

Most important, Ballet Body™ Barre will give you the lift, the lengthened spine, the elegant posture and habit of STANDING UP to counteract the constant downward pull of staring at cell phones and computers.

Your body was designed to STAND UP and after practicing this workout you will look more elegant and feel more beautiful as you work toward developing the body of a ballet dancer.

How fun it is to do the exact same exercises that ballet dancers do and to know you are getting the best workout on the planet because ballet dancers have the best bodies on the planet!

Ballet Body™ Barre was conceived and developed by Roberta Senn, an international ballerina and owner of the Great Neck School of Dance for 35 years. She opened its sister school, Ballet & Body, in Manhattan one year ago. In addition to teaching this class at her school for 30 years, she has taught it at Reebok Sports Club, New York Health And Racket Club, and Method Gym in Manhattan. All of our classes are taught by professional ballet dancers who have danced with major companies including the Bolshoi Ballet, Kirov Ballet, NYCB and the Paris Opera Ballet.

We offer several class options so you can find the best fit for your needs:

Ballet Body Barre BLAST
A new shorter version of BBBarre: a high energy, faster paced, 50 minute harder workout to get you energized before work.

Ballet Body Barre Beyond Beginner
Not Beginner, not Intermediate, perhaps Advanced Beginner. Some experience necessary.

Ballet Body Barre Basic
For Beginners with no ballet class experience. All terms and positions are explained.

Ballet Body Barre Beginner
For those who have some ballet experience, but still on the beginner level.

In-Person Classes are Returning

We are Currently Offering a Hybrid Schedule

With Both In-Person & Virtual Classes and New Class Categories


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You can achieve the body you want with the Ballet Body™ Barre class. Have fun while stretching and toning your muscles. This class will give you the grace and posture you have always wanted. Believe me, your body will thank you. This class works the entire body and is truly amazing.

-Louise K, Ballet Body™ Barre student


You and your Ballet Body™ Barre class are an inspiration to me! Your technique of combining ballet and yoga stretches followed by ballet barre (accompanied by exquisite, classical music) eases stress and makes me feel elasticized, happy and renewed. You provide excellent, clear instruction that is easy to follow (even for beginners). Your teaching method is well-developed, constructive, and supportive.

I never before liked exercising in a group nor had I previously experienced any ballet except a brief introduction as a young child. My aim when I enrolled in your class over a year ago was to improve my posture and overall fitness. I believe both have improved. As a testament to the benefits derived from your class, yesterday a certified yoga instructor asked me if I was a ballerina. When I told her I was not a ballerina, she told me that I looked like one. The last time I was asked if I was a dancer was 30 years ago.

Bravo, Roberta! I applaud you and recommend your class to all who are interested in self-improvement.

Dana, Ballet Body™ Barre student

Dress Suggestions and Guidelines: For Ballet Body™ Barre, wear leggings and a top, or workout clothes or dance clothes. Socks are fine. We sell ballet slippers so if you become a member it is advisable to let us fit them on you.