Adult Class Descriptions

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Adult classes are offered in Ballet, Tap, and our special brand of Ballet Body™ Barre which can also be a primer for learning Ballet and other forms of dance.

Ballet Body Barre Click Here for full details
25 minutes of ballet and yoga stretches followed by 35 minutes of REAL ballet barre, the actual exercises that dancers do to warm up, strengthen their muscles and prepare them to dance. These barre exercises have an order and progression which was developed by ballet masters over 350 years. The class features a simplified or beginner version of ballet barre ­­- the barre practiced day after day by dancers. It is also a great way for former dancers to get back in shape as well as a perfect primer for the novice student.

Ballet (Beginner & Intermediate)
The beauty of ballet steps and movements is revealed through the learning of component elements of head, arms, body and legs. Principles of locomotion, turning, jumping are explored as well as dynamics, musicality and expression while learning and reinforcing principles of placement and alignment. A total experience.

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